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“The goal is to get as many ‘no’s’ as you can get because you’re going to get a ‘yes’ eventually. Just put yourself out there and don’t be scared.”


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Being Creative


  • Grew up in a small rural area of Ohio in a lower middle class family.
  • Took up the hobby of photography at age 11 after first learning the fundamentals in a middle school photography class.
  • In high school, a family friend gifted her a camera with interchangeable lenses, which allowed her to experiment more with her art and learn more about photography.
  • Attended the Ohio Institute of Photography where she got her degree in portrait photography—says this school focused on the technical and that “you didn’t really get to explore creativity.”
  • Her first job out of college was working for a small portrait studio that she ended up getting fired from after only two weeks.
  • Got a job as a model just to pay the bills, but ended up modeling and working as an assistant to her agent for over 8 years—this experience opened the door for her to start photographing models.
  • She moved to Los Angeles to accept a job working for an acting manager, but it only lasted a few months because she hated it—decided now was the time to become a full-time photographer.
  • Made the move to Dallas, Texas where she set up a photography studio located in the Dallas Design District and is now an esteemed professional headshot, portrait, and fashion photographer.

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