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“When I think about the field of data analytics, it’s ultimately about answering those burning questions.”


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  • In high school, Kelly was doing a variety of things but hadn’t yet found his passion.
  • He had a teacher that inspired and encouraged him to pursue his interest in life’s “big” questions and that is what sparked his interest in chemistry.
  • Kelly attended Morehouse College, where he received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry.
  • Studying chemistry helped teach Kelly to not memorize things, but instead to work harder to critically understand them, which helped him to develop his analytical techniques.
  • After 9/11 occurred, Kelly made his decision to pursue international security with aspirations to help the federal government.
  • He now works for Deloitte & Touch LLP where he helps federal executives use cyber risk monitoring to make better risk-informed decisions.
  • Kelly believes that working in data analytics has helped him get closer to answering some of the “big” questions he has pursued in his life.
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