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Cosmopolitan Magazine

“Some of it is just putting one foot in front of the other.”


Journalism Writing


Planning Passion Risk Determination Fear Goals Opportunity Struggle Perseverance Chance Exploration Instincts


Being Creative


  • Knew she wanted to write since she was a kid, but still had doubts about which career path to follow.
  • At one point, she even looked into being a flight attendant.
  • Says that at some point, you have to take a plunge; after college, she moved from her small town to New York City.
  • Got an editorial assistant position at Glamour, but wasn't really getting the opportunity to write or contribute.
  • In order to show how passionate she was about writing, she put together a portfolio of articles and pitched to her boss.
  • A month later, they called her back and offered her a feature story-the catch was, she'd have to train and perform as a circus clown.
  • She knew she couldn't turn this opportunity down; said, if I'm going to prove my worth, I might as well throw myself into this absurd story.
  • Because she showed such dedication, and because her story turned out so well, the magazine created a position just for her.

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