Karl Kruszelnicki

Karl Kruszelnicki

Radio Host

Triple J Radio

Sydney, New South Wales AUS

Learn the difference between happiness and fun, cause you can have so much fun but you're not deeply happy.


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Karl Kruszelnicki


My road in life has been direct.
Designed and built a machine that picked up electrical signals from the human eyeball to diagnose eye diseases.
They weren't paying him but he loved it, so he lived off discarded old fruit and veggies.
Had an epiphany while working as a doctor: told a patient's parents that their son was going to be fine, could easily be treated for pneumonia.
Everyone in the room burst into tears; he realized what he really wanted to do was "liberate people from what holds them back."
He thinks he's succeeded at this; people come up to him in the street and tell him his show has improved their lives.
But he didn't have this epiphany until his mid-forties; says you never know when it will hit you.
You can't really "decide" what you're going to do with your life until it comes to you, gives your life meaning.
Says learn the difference between true happiness and fun: you can have a lot of fun and still not be truly happy.
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Radio Host

I'm a doctor and radio host and strive to popularize science on radio stations across Australia and on the BBC.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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