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Honokea Fishpond

“When you’re so stoked on your job that you’re just going to keep improving and getting better, that’s how you know where you’re supposed to be.”


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  • She originally went to college at Humboldt University, but the weather was too cold; she wanted to be able to be outdoors!
  • So she returned to Hawaii to explore her options, and decided to study abroad in Belize for a semester.
  • Again she returned home to study marine science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo...but there was too much math involved.
  • After switching into the agriculture program to study aquaculture, she started to feel like she’d found her passion.
  • She took an internship studying local water quality, but she started to feel like she was getting restless again.
  • Looking around for new aquaculture projects, she saw loko iʻa—or community fishponds—were popping up across the islands.
  • She grabbed a couple of her friends, said, let’s start our own local fishpond, and they “just started jamming.”
  • Honokea Fishpond has become a local gathering place, as well as a test case for the effects of global warming on groundwater.

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