Julianne Malveaux

Julianne Malveaux


Bennett College for Women

Greensboro, NC USA

Anything that you do that's worth doing is going to have some challenges.


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Julianne Malveaux


My road in life has been direct.
Has had all sorts of impressive jobs; her mother jokes that, like a snake, Julianne "sheds her skin every 10 years."
Says that rather than having a singular career, she's had a "series of adventures."
Went to college a year early; went to MIT for graduate school and studied labor economics.
Had visions of being the mayor of San Francisco; ran for public office and got beat "like a drum."
Although she lost, someone heard her campaigning and thought she'd be perfect for radio.
From there, she hosted her own talk radio show, taught at San Francisco State University, worked at CNN and started her own company.
Visited Bennett College and got "Bennetized," fell in love; when the position of president opened up, she eagerly applied.
Says fear is natural and thinks the best way for the risk-averse to conquer their fears is by making a plan, finding a passion.
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I write about issues such as race, culture, gender, and their economic impacts.

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My work combines:
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