Julianne's Open Road


Bennett College for Women

“Anything that you do that's worth doing is going to have some challenges.”


Education Politics


Character Experience Exploration Failure Goals Self-Reflection Fulfillment Opportunity Values Fear Hard Work Passion Perseverance Planning Risk Struggle Confidence Negativity


Accomplishing Goals


  • Has had all sorts of impressive jobs; her mother jokes that, like a snake, Julianne "sheds her skin every 10 years."
  • Says that rather than having a singular career, she's had a "series of adventures."
  • Went to college a year early; went to MIT for graduate school and studied labor economics.
  • Had visions of being the mayor of San Francisco; ran for public office and got beat "like a drum."
  • Although she lost, someone heard her campaigning and thought she'd be perfect for radio.
  • From there, she hosted her own talk radio show, taught at San Francisco State University, worked at CNN and started her own company.
  • Visited Bennett College and got "Bennetized," fell in love; when the position of president opened up, she eagerly applied.
  • Says fear is natural and thinks the best way for the risk-averse to conquer their fears is by making a plan, finding a passion.

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