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“We have a choice to be exactly who we are or to put up a front. And people can feel the difference. You act differently when you're true to yourself.”


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  • Founded two businesses: Brush Beauty, a boutique beauty company, and FitJourney, an online community/app that helps people get in shape.
  • FitJourney is targeted towards overweight and obese people, and it helps them get healthy within a supportive space.
  • Says that although she's not qualified as a personal trainer, she's been on teams her whole life, feels passionate about helping people get fit.
  • When she realized she wanted to turn her hobby of doing makeup into her living, she took a three-month-long immersive class to hone her skills.
  • When she was 24, her mom passed away; that changed her perspective on life, "big" things suddenly seemed small.
  • What became most important were the things that made her feel good, and the things that allowed her to help others.
  • Gained 80 pounds when her mother got sick, then slowly got back into fitness through spinning and lifting; uses that experience to relate to FitJourney users.
  • Chalks up the success of FitJourney to the fact that she's "absurdly open" about her own experiences, never hides her weight or her struggles.

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