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Futurist and Author, CEO

“If you're not scaring the hell out of yourself every once in a while, you're not close enough to the edge. It's very difficult to go out and do something new. It's much easier to say 'to get along, go along.' It's also kind of boring.”


Science Writing


Transitions Fear Opportunity Education Risk Passion Confidence Hard Work


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Grew up in Mexico; went to Harvard for his undergraduate studies then moved back to Mexico to work for the government.
  • While there, a war broke out; he ended up playing a crucial role in the peace treaty between the government and the Zapatista rebels.
  • Got "tired of being shot at," returned to Harvard to write a book, finish his graduate work.
  • Started learning about genomics, the science of how genes get stitched together, and wrote his book on how this science will change our economy.
  • Says that it's impossible for to know where we'll be working in 10 years because most of those fields don't exist yet.
  • His company made the world's first synthetic life form, can now program cells from scratch and cater them to certain needs.
  • Explains that humans have begun to engineer evolution, and will likely someday engineer our own race.
  • Says that this idea scares some people, but it excites him because it will open up new fields of research, new jobs and opportunities.

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