Jonathan Cedar

Jonathan Cedar

Founder / CEO


New York, NY USA

Become a technical contributor to an issue you care about, in an environment you can thrive in.


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Jonathan Cedar


My road in life has been direct.
He majored in engineering, environmental science, and film.
While working on an oceanographic research vessel, he picked up a book called The Art of Innovation.
He got about ten pages into reading about the culture of design when he realized that was what he needed to do to blend his interests.
BioLite started as a "night and weekend" project with his college buddy; they wanted to solve an international health crisis.
Four million people die prematurely as a result of prolonged exposure to open fires and carbon monoxide, so they set out to build the solution.
One of the hardest things for him to get through was accepting critical feedback about his "baby."
Eventually he realized that it was important to discern the difference between being persistent and being stubborn.
Says being persistent is key: it means you stick with what you care about, but you're able to accept and employ constructive criticism.
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Founder / CEO

I design energy products that use wood as fuel for cooking and also generate electricity.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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