Jon Barnes

Jon Barnes

Systems Integration Consultant


New York, NY USA

You can't just set one plan and think it's always gonna go through… if it doesn't work, then you say, 'Hey, is there any other way I can get there?' And then you just continue the whole iterative process until you get there.


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Jon Barnes


My road in life has been direct.
Says he was always the smart kid in class, always had a lot of energy and curiosity.
Was interested in technology from a young age; he'd look at computers and think, "How does this really work?"
Sought out technology-oriented programs when he applied to college; went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
While in college, he interned with Accenture for three consecutive summers; they hired him after he graduated.
Had times where he had to choose between his health and his job-this helped him learn how to keep his priorities straight.
Also says it's valuable to make your priorities visible to the people around you-your family and your peers can help you stay on the right track.
Whenever he starts to feel defeated, he likes to look back at his past accomplishments.
Says when you look back at how far you've come, you realize that any setback is just a "small snag," you know you can keep going.


Systems Integration Consultant

I work in software quality assurance, management, and delivery and work with multiple teams in different countries.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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