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Washington Fellow
Department of Education

“I’ve persevered through the challenge of speaking up about the things that I believe in, even when no one else in the room agrees.”


Education Politics


Fulfillment Inspiration Confidence Values Determination Perseverance Culture Education Societal Pressures Support & Encouragement Dedication Hard Work


Teaching / Mentoring


  • From a young age, she knew she wanted to make an impact on the world and be involved in social change.
  • As someone who had difficulty finding teachers and mentors that looked like her, she wanted to become that role model for the next generation of students.
  • Received two bachelor’s degrees from Duke University, then attended Pace University in New York to get her master’s degree in elementary education and bilingual teaching.
  • During her first three or four years of teaching, she began to see that she was on a path towards burnout, a common problem among educators.
  • She heard a lecture that encouraged her to work her own interests and passions into teaching, so she began incorporating dance—a long-time passion of hers—into the classroom.
  • Also loves traveling and learning about different cultures, so she took multiple opportunities to teach in different countries and learn new languages.
  • Eventually she realized that she wanted a better way to contribute to policy and to have an impact on some of the issues she’d seen while she was teaching.
  • She’s been working at the Department of Education for several years, focusing on policies that prohibit discrimination and ensure equal access to education for all students.

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