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Sportswear Designer

“It takes a lot along the way to find a really good fit. And then once you do, it still requires a lot of maintenance-like any relationship-to keep it healthy.”


Design Environment & Nature


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Being Creative


  • Was always interested in breaking things down, putting them back together, making them better.
  • Went to school in Arizona, got an undergraduate degree in business marketing.
  • While teaching skiing on the side, he came up with a new padded ski product.
  • Friends pointed him towards industrial design, which aligned with his interests; went back to graduate school for design.
  • After school, worked for New Balance in Boston; growing up in Southern California, he wasn't used to the intense work ethic.
  • Knew he had to find/create a workspace that wouldn't constantly feel like a race; Patagonia offered a good balance.
  • Not a believer in "being consumed with work" outside of the building; says you should "milk each day personally as well as professionally."
  • Uses nature as his "role model"; says nature's good at tweaking things until it finds balance, and that's how you should approach your career.

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