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“Through any difficult endeavor, you get to know yourself. You put your character to the test, and you get results.”


Acting & Theatre Sports


Beliefs & Faith Family Struggle Desire Goals Negativity Perseverance Self-Reflection Character Exploration Pressure Passion Focus Confidence Pride Failure Hard Work Support & Encouragement Doubt Opportunity Honesty Conflict Experience


Being Creative


  • His two great passions are mixed martial arts and stand-up comedy.
  • At age 19, he won the U.S. Open Taekwondo Championship.
  • At age 21, he decided to start pursuing stand-up comedy; his parents dissuaded him, were worried he wasn't funny enough to make it.
  • Says that the first few years doing stand-up were "brutal," he'd bomb constantly.
  • Believes that his martial arts training helped him have the confidence and discipline to push through the bad shows and keep working.
  • Says success is not about "getting to a certain place," it's about the constant pursuit of your interests.
  • Considers his own life a happy, successful life because there's nothing he does that he doesn't look forward to; all aspects of his work life are enjoyable.
  • Champions the idea of acting out or publishing your ideas on the internet; says this will teach you how to face and process harsh criticism.

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