Jin-Ya's Open Road


Artist/Packaging Manager
Fossil Group, Inc.

“Be thankful for all the things that come along, whether they be big or small.”


Art Business


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Being Creative


  • She grew up in Taiwan and immigrated to Tulsa, Oklahoma when she was in middle school.
  • When she arrived in America, she had trouble in school because she was struggling to learn the English language.
  • Her parents were facing the same struggle, but when they opened a restaurant, they found that they could use food as a language through which to express themselves.
  • She realized her own expressive language was art, and although she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in art.
  • Now spends her days art directing the packaging at Fossil, but also works as a freelance multimedia artist on the side.
  • She says that there’s an interesting benefit to working both jobs—she gets to be balanced in between the spheres of art and commerce, and see how the two areas interact.
  • To her, success means making a difference, which is why in her spare time, she tries to contribute to social justice projects in her community.
  • Says that it’s okay to spend some time feeling undecided because when you’re married to an idea too early in your life, you lose the ability to be flexible.

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