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“Following your dreams is one thing, but you're going to be much better at following your dreams if you have some skill.”


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Helping People


  • Told his father that he wanted to study philosophy at college.
  • His father replied, "you can do anything you want...after you finish your medical residency."
  • Echoes his parents' advice: "Find a skill that no one can take away from you."
  • Found a medical degree that would allow him to study anthropology, considered that a good compromise.
  • Didn't take the route he'd necessarily visualized, but ended up working in the field of political justice, which is what he always dreamed of.
  • Partners in Health provides modern healthcare to those who need it most, which has always been Kim's life dream.
  • Says it took him trying a lot of different things-volleyball, anthropology, pharmacology-to find the one thing he was passionate about.
  • Thinks everyone has a window of time where they can "really go after their dreams"; stresses that you have to be sure not to miss that opportunity.

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