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Jim Koch



My road in life has been direct.
After a year of law school and a year of business school, he realized that at 24, he hadn't done anything but go to school.
Dropped out; joined Outward Bound as an instructor; spent three-and-a-half years traveling, mountaineering, kayaking, etc.
After his "prolonged adolescence" ended, he went back to school, got his J.D. and MBA, graduated at age 29.
Joined a consulting firm in Boston; was making a lot of money, being flown around the country in first-class.
Knew he didn't want to be at that job for more than 10 or 15 years; started thinking about what he really wanted.
Loved the city of Boston, but realized that they were missing a key factor: a world-class beer.
Calls Samuel Adams and Boston Beer Company "the one little tile that [he] added to the mosaic of Boston."
Although he knew little about brewing, selling beer, says his "cultures and values" acted as fair substitutes for "hard resources."
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I quit a safe job to start brewing and selling my own beer, Samuel Adams.

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My work combines:
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