Jill's Open Road


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Founding Director and Yoga Teacher
UpRising Yoga

“There was no authenticity, there was nothing I was connected to...until yoga helped me heal.”


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Helping People


  • Her parents divorced when she was young, and her mother remarried a man who was extremely abusive.
  • Her mother had some yet-undiagnosed mental issues, and wasn't always equipped to take care of her daughter.
  • She started smoking marijuana in the sixth grade; by seventh grade, she was regularly going to parties and drinking until she blacked out.
  • Says her life was spiraling downwards-she called herself a "dead girl walking"-until she finally found yoga.
  • She had "deadened" her feelings with alcohol and drugs, but yoga helped her heal, and helped her clear her mind.
  • Her husband worked at a juvenile detention center in L.A. and saw a lot of trauma; one day, she asked if she could start teaching a yoga class there.
  • Coincidentally, her mother later pointed out that she'd picked up Jill from that same detention center as a child; she knew she'd found a calling.
  • Working with those children sparked a fire in Jill; she decided to start UpRising Yoga so that she could take on new yoga teachers and help more kids.

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