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“The best experiences I've ever had have been those leaps of faith where I decided, 'Screw it, I'm just gonna go for it.”


Art Entrepreneurship


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Being Creative


  • Went to school for welding and design, says at the time, welding was "everything" to her.
  • At age 22, joined the world's biggest welding design studio, where she was the only female.
  • Realized that she was unhappy making someone else's work, getting sick from welding fumes everyday.
  • Decided she had to drop everything and start over; moved to Colorado for a while, explored the U.S.
  • Found glassblowing during her senior year of college and fell in love.
  • When starting her business, she made it a point to create her own brand as a unique, tattooed female artist, making sustainable glass.
  • Says she's learned the value of being honest and open; people respond positively when she shows her personality in her work.
  • Has respect for her craft-glassblowing is a dangerous, and your work can easily shatter, but if you put positive energy into it, it turns out well.

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