Jeremy England

Jeremy England


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cambridge, MA USA

Everyone has an opportunity to differentiate themselves into the person who's the best in the world at this thing that's never been done before.


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Jeremy England


My road in life has been direct.
Calls biophysics "thrilling," but also says it's "a big mess," which makes him carefully choose which problems to tackle.
Says that when we learn about science from the outside, we only learn the theories that have already been well-defined.
From the inside, scientific discoveries are all about confronting something you don't have a name for yet.
Says that there's always someone who can lay out a set path for you, but you'll hit a ceiling.
Doesn't advocate for ignoring the advice of others, but says you definitely need to set yourself apart at some point.
When he was a child, he wrote a paper; his parents edited it heavily, he realized he could never make something of "his own" if others were editing him.
Thinks it's miraculous how humans learn to create new things, have new ideas when all we have are examples of what's been done.
In the same way that kids learn words, then build unique sentences, it's crucial to take your skills, then create your own unique path.



I work to understand the patterns of organization in space and time that form the basis of life at the molecular level.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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