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Executive Program Director

“A lot of us think that happiness will arrive at our doorstep one day, but it's actually work- we have to make a plan for our happiness, be willing to make it happen, and know that we deserve it.”


Entrepreneurship Non-Profit Organizations


Education Exploration Perseverance Hard Work Negativity Passion Doubt Failure Goals Opportunity Self-Reflection Determination Values Family


Helping People


  • During her first semester of college, her father died unexpectedly.
  • Before that, her childhood had been relatively free of conflict; after her father's death, she says "everything seemed bad."
  • She returned to school and told her professors that she couldn't study for her midterms.
  • Her professors told her, "No, you're not going to get a free pass; you're going to take these tests tomorrow."
  • Those professors taught her that in life, you have to keep moving, because no one is going to stop and wait up for you.
  • She went on to get her master's degree in business; always planned to work at a for-profit company.
  • However, she heard about a YouthBuild program starting in her city and decided to join; from her very first day on the job, she "felt like she was home."
  • Encourages young adults to set realistic goals, find mentors who can advise them on how to achieve those goals, and then relentlessly follow their advice.

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