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    Team San Jose


Social Activist
Black Women for Wellness

“Be in this moment as opposed to being concerned about what job you're going to get in a year.”


Non-Profit Organizations Politics


Exploration Fear Culture Experience Individualism Passion Conflict Societal Pressures


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Thought she had to follow the "American script": go to college, get a job, live happily ever after, etc.
  • Says that's all just a myth for most people; "you've barely lived in your twenties; how can you decide what you'll do for the next fifty years?"
  • Grew up in Chicago, saw the 1968 riots, saw the Black Panthers with a strong platform; calls this an "opportune time."
  • Knows this environment primed her for social justice work, but didn't realize it until later, when she got some distance.
  • Works as executive director for Black Women for Wellness, a non-profit organization that educates and supports black women.
  • Says she's happy because she's "living her life, not somebody else's life."
  • Admits that there are things she would've done differently, but ultimately is living the life she always wanted.
  • Discourages people from "following a script," says living someone else's definition of a "good life" only leads to midlife crises.

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