Jake Bryer

Jake Bryer

Co-Founder and Artist

Austin Art Garage

Austin, TX USA

The more chances you take, the more you'll learn about yourself; the more well-rounded you'll be; and the more confidence you'll have to try other things in the future.


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Jake Bryer


My road in life has been direct.
After college, he wanted to buy a piece of art in his price range and couldn't find anything.
Wondered why there wasn't a gallery for "the regular folks out there," so he started one.
Saved his money from working in corporate marketing to start Austin Art Garage.
Decided that he wanted money to be a side-product of his passion, not the main goal.
Had a background in marketing, but wanted to create something that was so cool it marketed itself.
His biggest inspiration is people telling him that something can't be done.
Says, "I like to win and not lose, but I feel like it's failing from the get-go if you don't try."
Trying and failing makes you stronger, he says; "I want to enjoy the journey, not the destination."
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Co-Founder and Artist

I'm an artist and lead a local art gallery that accommodates people of all socio-economic walks of life.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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