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“There's a feeling of dread and a feeling of anxiety that you have at this point, and there's a tendency to want to curtail the uncertainty‚Ķbut premature certainty is the enemy-it's always the enemy.”


Music Radio


Doubt Fear Negativity Opportunity Failure Planning Talent Individualism Passion Instincts


Being Creative


  • Went to school to study music composition and specifically wanted to write music for films.
  • Eventually realized he just wasn't good enough to do music professionally.
  • His girlfriend pointed out that while he might not be great at either, he was good at both writing and music; pointed him towards radio.
  • He was making no money, couldn't see a career ahead, but had fun, felt immediate satisfaction when he did interviews.
  • Now produces/hosts the show Radiolab and says he's stunned by how closely it resembles his original dreams.
  • Says he constantly faced fear and dread, but he'd be more worried about young people who don't feel uncertainty than those who do.
  • Uses the "adjacent possible" as a metaphor for building a passion or talent; ask, "What is possible right outside my border?"
  • When he started doing the show, he received hundreds of hate-calls; says he's come to terms with that, part of his job is to "ruffle feathers."

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