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Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer

“There’ve been a lot of times when I’m struggling and all my credit cards have been filled up, but luckily it’s all worked out. Just know when to keep going, but know when to quit as well.”


Engineering Technology


Hobbies & Pastimes Individualism Passion Honesty Perseverance Exploration Determination Risk Doubt Hard Work Dedication Planning Struggle Talent


Building Things


  • Since he was a child, he always liked to take things apart, especially electronics, like cameras.
  • Majored in electrical engineering and computer science in college.
  • One day, he went to a career fair at his school and found that every job there sounded boring to him.
  • He decided that instead, he’d start his own company, and started a business doing custom web designs.
  • Worked at a robotics company part-time; one night, while playing with his iPhone, he realized that the robots he was working with should be able to be controlled by smartphones.
  • He became fixated on the idea, and started neglecting his web design business to prototype Sphero and apply to tech competitions.
  • He and his co-founder Adam Wilson came up with hundreds of ideas for robotics that could be controlled by smartphone, but ultimately, they chose to produce the Sphero robot.
  • Says that the most important thing about running a company is to not get too caught up in things; when he starts to feel stressed, he likes to get out of the office and exercise.

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