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Technician II

“Never be afraid to ask questions! ”


Engineering Technology


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Learning / Being Challenged


  • Started out as a personal trainer, but got burnt out by the long hours spent in the gym; realized it wasn’t fun for her anymore, so she decided to branch out and do something different.
  • She always had a dream of fixing up an old Volkswagen Beetle, but lacked the knowledge and skills to do it.
  • Says that prior to pursuing mechanics, she was always too scared to work on her own vehicles.
  • After visiting the Ryder shop and meeting some of the mechanics, she fell in love with the people and the atmosphere—has been working for Ryder ever since.
  • For her, transitioning into the diesel industry was a huge learning curve because she had zero experience; says it’s an industry that is open to teaching you and letting you learn in your own way.
  • She says that lacking an educational foundation in mechanics has hampered her, but it’s forced her to work harder to be the best mechanic she can be.
  • Emphasizes never being afraid to ask questions because that’s how you learn.
  • Her favorite part of working in the diesel industry has been the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone.

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