Glynn Washington

Glynn Washington

Radio Host

Snap Judgment

Oakland, CA USA

Never let yourself get comfortable, even after you've had some success. Or should I say, especially after you've found some success.


By Roadtrip Nation

Glynn Washington


My road in life has been direct.
After school, he went to live in rural Japan for a year; calls it the most transformative experience of his life.
While in Japan, he seized every opportunity offered to him; he did some performing, acting, writing.
One helpful Japanese woman offered to teach him the Japanese tea ceremony; over the course of the year, he became close with her.
This was the spark behind Snap Judgement-he realized he could expand his own worldview by examining the stories, lives of others.
When he came back to the U.S., he entered an American Idol-type contest to become the next public radio host.
Was invited to make a radio show pilot; did the best he could, but the contest judges called the attempt "embarrassing."
Kept putting in the effort, fixed up the show-says he'd found a project that felt right, like one of the darts he'd thrown had "hit its target."
Says everyone has to make a living, but it's "essential" to keep your artistic fire lit by carving out an hour or two each day to hone your creative outlet.


Radio Host

I host and produce a radio show where dramatic tales, killer beats and storytelling come together.

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My work combines:
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