Gale's Open Road


    Team Crazy Babbling Sunshine


Pastry Chef / Food Network Host

“Get as many opportunities as you can…That will help that 'thing' find you. It's looking for you, but you have to be out there.”


Food Television


Determination Individualism Instincts Opportunity Courage Dedication Inspiration Perseverance Hard Work Passion Character Experience Desire Honesty Choices


Being Creative


  • When she was in high school, she got into jewelry making; took every class possible, exhausted the school's metal-working classes.
  • Found more classes outside of school, negotiated getting extra credit for them; says that's the start of her being a "self-managed person."
  • Eventually went to art school to keep pursuing jewelry-making; began to hate it, but loved her after-school waitressing job.
  • One day, one of the chefs didn't show up, they threw Gale an apron and said, "You can cook; get in the kitchen."
  • She was panicked, but once she stepped into the kitchen, "it was like speaking a language you didn't know you a calling."
  • She quit art school, moved to France for a year; would go into restaurants and ask if she could watch from a corner, would help out with grunt work.
  • Friend asked if she could fill a pastry chef position, she didn't know pastry but said yes; says always say yes, even if you don't know how to do something.

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