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Project Manager

“We all have the ability to impact lives and should be thinking broadly about what is our legacy at the end of it all.”


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Problem Solving


  • Says that she was a very inquisitive child, always curious about life.
  • Was a very good student; as a smart kid in manufacturing-driven Michigan, she was pushed into engineering.
  • Says she's most passionate about serving under-privileged and under served communities.
  • Grew up in a neighborhood that had a mix of very rich kids and very poor kids, but at age seven or eight, everyone's friends, class doesn't matter.
  • Says later on down the line, she started seeing some of the less-fortunate friends missing out on opportunities to go to college.
  • Runs a program in Detroit that targets high-performing students, makes sure they have the means to truly succeed.
  • When trying to find your passions, she says think of the times you've been fired up or motivated, both in a good way and in a bad way.
  • Believes in the power of mentorship and says no age is too young to become a mentor; everyone's had experiences that can help others.

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