Erin's Open Road


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Executive Director, Office of Children's Affairs
City of Denver

“You need to find something that you love to do. Find what gives you that passion and go for it.”


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Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • When she started college, she thought she wanted to be a biologist.
  • After a few biology classes, she switched into an education major, but soon it became clear that neither of those paths was right for her.
  • Eventually she found her calling in public service; says everything along her winding path led her to finding that passion.
  • She lived in a neighborhood that didn't offer access to good schools; she became "that mom" that drove her kids out of town to go to school.
  • At one point, her son had a third-grade teacher that "wasn't cutting it," so she put pressure on the school to raise their standards.
  • She realized that not every kid had a parent that would stand up and fight for their education, so she became an advocate for those children.
  • Seeing the payoff of her work firsthand and living it as a parent is what keeps her so motivated and excited about her job in children's affairs.
  • She's a champion of project-based learning, which offers a "360-degree education" by building both book smarts and real-life skills.

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