Karl's Open Road

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    Australia Roadtrip


Radio Host
Triple J Radio

“Learn the difference between happiness and fun, cause you can have so much fun but you're not deeply happy.”


Medicine Radio


Fulfillment Hard Work Inspiration Perseverance Struggle


Helping People


  • Designed and built a machine that picked up electrical signals from the human eyeball to diagnose eye diseases.
  • They weren't paying him but he loved it, so he lived off discarded old fruit and veggies.
  • Had an epiphany while working as a doctor: told a patient's parents that their son was going to be fine, could easily be treated for pneumonia.
  • Everyone in the room burst into tears; he realized what he really wanted to do was "liberate people from what holds them back."
  • He thinks he's succeeded at this; people come up to him in the street and tell him his show has improved their lives.
  • But he didn't have this epiphany until his mid-forties; says you never know when it will hit you.
  • You can't really "decide" what you're going to do with your life until it comes to you, gives your life meaning.
  • Says learn the difference between true happiness and fun: you can have a lot of fun and still not be truly happy.

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