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Founder / CEO

“You can follow traditional routes and you’ll get traditional responses. Or, you can be bold, brave, and brilliant. You determine your own destiny.”


Medicine Technology


Desire Exploration Honesty Fear Individualism Societal Pressures Courage Conflict Culture Fulfillment Risk Confidence Doubt Experience Dedication Education Self-Reflection Opportunity Acceptance Struggle Beliefs & Faith Transitions Success


Building Things


  • Was born in Beirut and grew up in rural Indiana; her father was a surgeon and both of her parents were very strict and disciplined.
  • She got a degree in chemistry from Hanover College, a small school in Indiana.
  • After graduating early, she told her parents she was going on a road trip to attend a friend’s wedding.
  • Instead, she ran away to Chicago, where she hoped she’d find a community that would be more accepting of her sexual identity.
  • Says she grew her greatest strength from forcing herself into that position, where she had no one to rely upon except herself.
  • Once she’d settled in Chicago, she decided she really wanted to work at NutraSweet, a large chemical company that produces artificial sweeteners.
  • She decided to send a job application not only to human resources, but also to NutraSweet’s vice president, who ultimately hired her.
  • She’s since pivoted into 3D printing, which she believes will “shape and reimagine our futures”; she’s the founder and CEO of VisMed-3D, a biomedical 3D printing company.

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