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Co-Founder & President
The Next Objective

“I believe that we’re all great. You’re great! You’re lost? You’re sad? I don’t care: you’re great. Now go be great.”


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Helping People


  • As a young adult, he loved films like Black Hawk Down and We Were Soldiers.
  • Joined the Army when he was 17 and immediately loved it; he enjoyed the physical challenges and the camaraderie of being a soldier.
  • After taking a bullet through the knee, getting his leg amputated, and being medically retired from the military, he felt that he’d lost his dream job.
  • Went through a period of deep depression until one of his friends invited him to join his “Tough Mudder” team.
  • He finally felt like he’d found his next purpose, at least for the short term; says that the tough mudder race meant nothing, but at the same time, “saved his life.”
  • After completing the difficult, muddy course, people started to view him as an inspirational figure.
  • He took advantage of the traction he was getting on social media and started an apparel company called The Next Objective.
  • The Next Objective donates proceeds to fund gym memberships and personal training sessions for vets, seeking to motivate them through fitness-based activities.

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