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“It takes as much passion to succeed at something unimportant as something important.”


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  • Says he was a poor student in college; took multiple choice tests and thought, there can't only be four answers to these problems.
  • He and his brother-a pediatric cancer researcher-developed a pump that could administer small amounts of medicine to children.
  • A doctor at Yale realized that the pump could be used to administer insulin to diabetics-started developing these pumps for different uses.
  • Built most of the outpatient dialysis equipment used today.
  • Tried to develop a way to purify water to the U.S. Pharmacopeia's standard for injection; failed, spent millions, but developed a powerful purifier.
  • Says that the greatest advantage that roadtrippers have over the successful people they've visited is time.
  • Before each project, he estimates how much time it would take to develop; if the tradeoff between success and time sunk isn't worth it, he doesn't do it.
  • Says in the end, it probably won't matter which of the right paths you take; there are many and they're all important in different ways.

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