David's Open Road


Regional Corn Breeding Leader
Dow AgroSciences

“No matter what perspective you come from, it’s amazing to see the natural world as it is and yet find ways to improve on it, to create something new.”


Environment & Nature Science


Determination Hobbies & Pastimes Passion Failure Values Perseverance


Problem Solving


  • Grew up in a small town in northern Florida.
  • His father was a forester and they would spend a lot of time in the woods where he would teach him about trees and plants.
  • When he was young, his grandfather helped him plant a small garden on his farm—says this is what sparked his early interest in agriculture.
  • Once in high school, he began expanding the garden and producing enough food from it to use on a regular basis.
  • In college, he decided to pursue agronomy, the science of soil management and crop production—says, “If I was going to spend my life doing something, I would rather be feeding the world”.
  • After graduate school, he moved to Kentucky and opened a research facility studying corn hybrids.
  • When that facility closed, he got a job doing research on corn breeding in Indiana and has been there ever since—he is now one of the leading corn breeders for Dow AgroSciences.
  • Says to succeed in this kind of farming, you have to be a really good business person and have a thorough understanding of how to grow crops.

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