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“People know when you really are passionate about what you’re doing. They can see when you make an effort.”


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  • Went to college at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.
  • While there, he served as student body secretary, and was treasurer and vice-president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Sigma.
  • Before he became a politician, he spent 34 years working as an electrical engineer; his early work was in sustainable energy.
  • His political career began in 1985, when he was appointed to the Hawaii House of Representatives.
  • He represented Hawaii in both the House and Senate prior to winning the gubernatorial race in 2014.
  • On his road to becoming governor, he became the first person ever to beat the incumbent Governor of Hawaii in a primary.
  • Says although he knew he was fighting a near-impossible battle against the incumbent, he had to try for Hawaii’s sake.
  • As governor, he champions conserving Hawaii's natural resources and increasing STEM education in Hawaii's schools.

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