David's Open Road


    Opportunity Youth Roadtrip


Solar Panel Training and Certification Program Coordinator
Homeboy Industries

“You have to be a courageous person to ask for that helping hand.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


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Teaching / Mentoring


  • He was raised by his mother and sisters, so he didn't have a strong male role model to look up to.
  • As a result, his default "mentor" was an older cousin who was constantly in and out of prison.
  • When he was a teenager, he started doing hard drugs-meth, PCP, cocaine-and he eventually was sent to prison.
  • After nine years in prison, he was sent home with $200 and not much else.
  • He'd heard that companies like Walmart and Target were "felon-friendly," but after interviewing for a few different jobs, he never heard back.
  • One of his biggest problems was his antisocial behavior and his tendency to get into fights, so he signed up for therapy through Homeboy Industries.
  • Homeboy Industries gave him a job, the right treatment for his drug addiction, and most importantly, a place where he could "feel comfortable."
  • Worked his way up from a janitor, to now leading Homeboy's solar panel program; he promised his mom he'd never go back to prison, and kept his word.

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