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Diesel Mechanic

“Pick a goal and do not change it for nothing. Fight for it!”


Engineering Armed Services


Perseverance Transitions Confidence Education Determination Goals Dedication Opportunity Experience Talent Money & Financial Security


Accomplishing Goals


  • Started out his career in the military—was ready to make that his life’s pursuit, but was forced to retire.
  • When he left the military, he found himself at a crossroads as far as what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.
  • Found out that there was a Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX and decided to go there in order to have more job opportunities.
  • He felt like he had finally found a place he belonged and could make a future in the diesel industry.
  • Says he discovered that he loved working on diesel trucks because they are bigger and more enjoyable to work on than cars.
  • Admits that he struggled trying to understand some of the more complicated aspects of the diesel engine, but credits his education at UTI with setting him up for success.
  • Says that getting an education has been his greatest achievement and he continues to take classes to learn everything he can.
  • Emphasizes the importance of setting goals for yourself and doing everything you can to achieve them.

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