Daniela's Open Road


    Team Tabula Rasa


ESL Coordinator
Nationalities Services Center

“What I think is reasonable or obvious is not that reasonable or obvious.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


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Teaching / Mentoring


  • Got a Bachelor's degree in English linguistics while still living in Chile.
  • Seemed like her only option was teaching English; in Chile, teaching English was a luxury, not accessible to all students.
  • Didn't want to teach under those circumstances; knew she wanted to travel, moved to U.S.
  • Quickly realized her English studies hadn't made her fluent, lived in fear that people would talk to her, rarely left her apartment.
  • Overstayed her visa, took odd jobs under the table, kept her bags packed at all times in case anyone found out.
  • Found an ESL teaching opportunity; teaches grateful, hard-working students, rather than spoiled corporate executives she'd have taught in Chile.
  • Says for as much as she puts into her job, what she gets out of it is so much more.
  • Thinks that her personal experiences with struggling to learn English definitely makes her more empathetic, more approachable to students.

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