Curtis' Open Road

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Professional Baseball Outfielder
New York Mets

“I had to learn from the bumps and bruises along the way; I had to realize that getting into trouble only took me away from doing the things that brought me joy. ”


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Education Choices Community


Helping People


  • Grew up in Chicago; says he was lucky to have a great support system, but trouble was never too far away.
  • Went to college at the University of Illinois-Chicago on a baseball scholarship.
  • He originally entered college as an accounting major, but says he "knew right away" that it wasn't the field for him.
  • After reflecting and recognizing which aspects of accounting he enjoyed, he decided to switch his major to business management.
  • Later down the line, he saw he had an opportunity to graduate with a double major; added a second major in marketing.
  • Says the best part of going to college is that you're able to isolate the subjects you enjoy and focus your studies on those things.
  • In 2009, he won Marvin Miller Man of the Year, an award given to an MLB player who makes inspiring contributions to his community.
  • Says that above all, he wants to be remembered as someone who was able to give back and help out wherever possible.

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