Christina's Open Road


    Cybersecurity Roadtrip


Vice President of Technology and Information Risk
Morgan Stanley

“Bring yourself to the table, because you have a unique perspective and you can solve different problems with that perspective.”


Business Technology


Individualism Self-Reflection Hard Work Struggle Experience Exploration Perseverance Chance Family Passion Community Doubt


Learning / Being Challenged


  • At the age of ten, she visited a friend who owned an Apple computer and a dot matrix printer.
  • Her own family couldn’t afford their own computer, so she was transfixed; she didn’t want to play outside, she just wanted to print banners.
  • When she was in high school, she started doing information technology (IT) support work and troubleshooting; her natural curiosity meant that she learned scripts quickly.
  • In college, she decided to completely immerse herself in the field, simultaneously taking a network administration program, earning Microsoft certifications, and doing IT work full-time.
  • Says once her door into tech had been opened, it was simply a matter of navigating the path she wanted to take.
  • Along that path, an opportunity in cybersecurity arose; at the time, the field wasn’t as popular as it is now.
  • However, she brought a willingness to learn new things and a fresh perspective to the role, which is why she thinks she was chosen for the job.
  • To encourage more perspectives like hers in the tech world, she co-founded WOC in Tech Chat, a supportive community for women of color working in technology.

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