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Product Design

“You have to find something that allows some piece of your soul-the part that you're passionate about-to participate. If you turn your back on that, you're setting yourself up for misery.”


Design Engineering


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Being Creative


  • Says, "there's a lot of room between being completely unrealistic and thinking you're gonna be a rockstar and totally selling out."
  • Don't turn your back on your talents, the parts of your soul that allow you to "participate" in the world.
  • Went to Stanford University, says he struggled to make choices about his career path.
  • Ended up in product design to kill time, procrastinate until he found something else.
  • One of his professors started IDEO, told Chris he should get serious about product design, that he had a talent there.
  • Moved to New York to hone his skills before returning to San Francisco to work for that very same professor at IDEO.
  • Says he "spent all of my time and energy compelling others that I was good at what I was doing," realized he had to prove it to himself.

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