Chief's Open Road


    Team Tabula Rasa


Tribal Chairman
Coeur d'Alene Tribe

“You can do anything if you believe in it and your heart's in the right place.”


Government Politics


Culture Community Education Experience Goals Pride Struggle Societal Pressures Hard Work


Helping People


  • Grew up with high rates of poverty, alcoholism on the reservation.
  • He loved his home, but was "scared of it"; saw multiple friends die from alcohol-related accidents.
  • Knew schooling could be his way out; was the first person from his family to graduate from college.
  • Made it a point to "hang out with everybody" at school, learn about as many different cultures he could, educate others on his background.
  • Got a degree in political science because he knew he "always wanted to help his people advance to the next step."
  • Was sent to Washington D.C. to work for a nonprofit that advocated for Native Americans on the hill.
  • Realized that the "work" needed to be done back home; D.C. was a bit out of touch from the reservations.
  • Came back and was elected to tribal council, chosen for chairman three years later.

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