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C. Fosters

“I don't want a safety net; I just want to be out there and doing. But my happiness is a little bit different from everyone else's.”


Art Business


Exploration Hobbies & Pastimes Experience Courage Failure Money & Financial Security Pressure Regrets Education Family Passion Self-Reflection Goals Perseverance


Being Creative


  • Originally wanted to be a veterinarian; realized she wasn't the kind of student who was cut out for the sciences.
  • After reevaluating her path, she realized she liked working with her hands, making art; went back to school at Howard University to study art.
  • Her parents wanted her to have a "safe" career: "I was a gross disappointment when art became my path."
  • Was with a partner who discouraged her from pursuing art as a career, told her, "that's a hobby."
  • She listened, put her art to the side; became a real estate appraiser to pay the bills, did it for 20 years.
  • Says she "suffered silently," resented him, resented her choice, knew she was supposed to be making art.
  • Saw her mother pass away without living out some of her dreams-visiting the Bahamas, taking a hot air balloon ride; decided to go back to art.
  • Even the "comfort" of being financially stable couldn't persuade her to going back to "the suit"; doing what she loves supersedes everything else.

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