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“It feels like you're stepping off of a cliff, and it doesn't make any sense, and it's irrational … But that's when you're most alive.”


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  • Born in Kingston, Jamaica; moved to Toronto, Canada at age 11.
  • After the first frigid winter, told her mother, "I'm leaving as soon as I can support myself."
  • Got into Cornell University; her immigrant family didn't know it was a good school, wanted her to stay in Toronto, staged an "intervention."
  • She took a stand, said to her family, "None of you can tell me how to live because none of you have the life I want."
  • Knew she couldn't fold every time her support system faltered, had to make her own way.
  • Set out a strict plan: go to college, go to law school, work for the top law firm, live in this city, make this much money.
  • Hit all of her goals and realized something was missing; the idea had been much more attractive than the reality.
  • Determined to remain passionate about her work, she embarked on an introspective journey, which led her to New Orleans.

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