Cecil's Open Road


    Team Crazy Babbling Sunshine


Director of Sustainability & Energy

“It's always easier to take risks once you can picture what will happen if you fail.”


Engineering Environment & Nature


Fulfillment Choices Inspiration Perseverance Goals Success Planning Risk


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Had a full scholarship to the University of Maryland to study music.
  • Felt like the school was too big for him, did a transfer program at the University of Montana.
  • Got "bit by the bug" while flying over the Midwest, realized that humans rule the planet, have a duty to protect it.
  • Knew he couldn't just take an environmental science class and move on, he had to dedicate his life to this.
  • Found a group of people who felt the same, they decided they wanted to found an "eco-village."
  • Started Dancing Rabbit-all homes built with alternative materials, powered by renewable energy, grow and consume organic produce.
  • Wishes he could've cloned himself: part of him could've stayed at Dancing Rabbit forever, part of him had always wanted to live in New York.
  • Moved to New York, got to enjoy city life, simultaneously help the environment on a large scale by making NYU more sustainable.

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