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Cal Jones



My road in life has been direct.
When he was a child, he went to Christian schools; wrote his first rap about the Biblical creation of Earth.
Even though his rap got positive feedback, he didn’t realize that rap was something you could actually pursue as a career.
Instead, everyone around him was telling him he had to study, graduate, and then become a doctor or a lawyer.
During a class field trip to Washington D.C., he realized that he had far more career options than the few that had been presented to him.
Moved to England to “see what the world was about”; while there, his rap group Money Train soared in popularity in the United Kingdom.
Thought he could move back to the U.S. and easily duplicate his success stateside; however, when he got back, he realized that no one knew who he was.
Moved back in with his mom and entered a four-month-long state of depression; one day, he saw a commercial advertising a recording arts school and decided to enroll.
Getting back to music and rap pulled him out of that dark place; says that during those four months, he tasted failure, but it made him a better person and artist.



I'm a rapper and hip-hop artist incorporating positive influences within my music.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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