Bryan Simpson

Bryan Simpson

Media Relations Director

New Belgium Brewery

Fort Collins, CO USA

It'd be great to be in your position, to be 22 or 23 and have things wide open. There's so much freedom in that.


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Bryan Simpson


My road in life has been direct.
Wanted to major in English literature, dad made him do business school; dropped out after "two-hour lecture on how to properly shake hands."
Compromised with his parents and transferred into the journalism major.
Went into television news but it started "grinding" on him; covered too much death and destruction.
Saw the movie Edward Scissorhands and decided he wanted to write screenplays; moved to LA.
Says just up and moving to LA to pursue screenwriting dream was huge; taught him to stop thinking of roads not taken, just go for everything.
Writing screenplays also taught him to make films he believed in, tell stories he wanted to tell, rather than try to fill seats.
Once he was satisfied that he'd put in his best work in LA, he moved back to Colorado and could do "whatever he wanted to do."
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High School
Colorado State University-Fort Collins


Media Relations Director

I represent and share New Belgium's mission, culture, news, and policies with various media outlets.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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