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Bruce Hucko


My road in life has been direct.
Started with a plan laid out for him: people in his town either went to law school, med school, or business school.
Was "meek," "a good little sheep," so he originally went to business school.
Wasn't what he wanted to do, but got through it by picking up photography in his spare time.
Formed groups of photographers that would go on "outings" together; realized kids would enjoy these photography explorations.
Worked with classrooms teaching photography, was offered teaching job on Navajo reservation.
No one thought he would make it-had no teaching experience, no knowledge of Navajo heritage.
Was put into a classroom with 12 at-risk kids that no one thought would succeed, said they all struggled together.
Says he's still not "comfortable" financially, but he tends not to "hike on trails," is okay with some volatility as long as he's happy.
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Photographer/Art Coach

I am a freelance photographer, author, and educator focused on art, indigeneity and the environment.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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