Brother Stavros

Brother Stavros


New Skete Monastery

New York, NY USA

The biggest pitfall is to let society decide what your happiness is. To be really happy, you have to be countercultural, and have the bravery to do it.


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Brother Stavros


My road in life has been direct.
Came from an "ordinary" middle-class family in Washington D.C., wasn't particularly religious, but comfortable with religion, politics.
Introduced to Eastern religion in college; decided he wanted to become a monk.
His mother tried to stop him, said he was wasting his education; he had to just shut her down, knew what he was meant to do.
Everyone has at least one moment of "crisis," where you're on the edge and have to make a choice.
Says commitment often comes across as, "If I have x, I can't have y," and that scares us, dissuades us from pursuing things.
Can't let society define happiness for you, because society has an agenda, wants to "sell" you happiness.
Considers his life a happy life; says that doesn't mean it's "full of giggles," means he's content and at ease.
Says first step towards happiness is education; expose yourself to everything, find opportunities everywhere.
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High School
Georgetown University



I'm devoted to our monastic life and community where we pray, work with our hands, and train and raise dogs.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
Non-Profit Organizations
Philosophy & Religion
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