Brian Grandison

Brian Grandison

Senior Program and Project Manager

Fossil Group, Inc.

Dallas, TX USA

You’re not always going to make the right decision. The path to success is sometimes experiencing failure. It’s about how you persevere and handle that adversity that counts.


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Brian Grandison


My road in life has been direct.
Attended The College of Wooster in Ohio where he received his degree in the business of economics.
His first job out of college was working as an admissions counselor at a private liberal arts school, but he was actively looking for career opportunities in the IT industry.
Relocated from Ohio to Dallas, Texas in order to pursue a job opportunity as an IT consultant at Ernst & Young IT Consulting—says this opportunity was his “catapult into the industry.”
Got recruited to work for IBM’s global consulting practice implementing SAP enterprise business software for Fortune 500 companies.
In 2000, he decided to start his own company, BGV Corporation, where he worked as an IT consultant for businesses across the Southwest Region.
While there, Fossil Group, Inc. became one of his clients and he consulted with them on and off for over five years doing SAP and IT project management work.
In 2012, he was hired on full-time by Fossil Group, Inc. as the Senior Program / Project Manager responsible for the delivery of all IT projects.
He now works as the Sr. IT Solution Delivery Manager for Fossil Group, Inc. where he is in charge of all ecommerce and marketing projects.
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Senior Program and Project Manager

I provide management oversight for the delivery of critical IT projects and programs.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Learning / Being Challenged

Day to Day

My team collaborates a lot so it's not a typical IT role. My role as an IT solutions delivery manager entails me leading my team in creating global websites for I work with our project team to make sure that they are getting tasks done and meeting goals. I also oversee the move of our development projects into production and ensuring that they meet the needs of our customers when purchasing goods online.

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"Maybe you should try to do something else less risky."

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Single Parent
First-Generation College Student

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Room to Grow

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